Update Parking at The Baths

Important Information about New Parking at The Baths


Now free parking. The carpark is been re-developed and upgraded which will commence in February and plans to be finished in March. At this time only half of the carpark will be available. We would advise patrons, that there are 2 big carparks left and right of us which is only a 5 min walk away. If you can please add in extra time for parking with respect to your booking or if you can drop your party at the appropriate time outside the front door it would be appreciated.

Please be mindful that a cycle path crosses the entrance to the left and the right, so always check it is clear before entering and leaving. Paid parking for 80 cars is a 5 minute walk from us to the left and to the right of our front door. All parking based on a first come, first serve basis. If no parking outside can all patrons be mindful of our neighbours and not block their entrances or park on paths.

Parking is at the car owner’s risk and The Baths are not liable for any damage or accidents to the vehicles or their occupants. The Baths is also not liable for any property stolen from the cars parked in the carparks advertised.