Relax and enjoy the craic.


Plymouth Sloe Gin, lemon, mint, coconut puree, topped with Vallformosa Rosé Cava

Créme de Mure, citrus oils, Casa Gheller Spumante

Seaweed infused Beefeater Gin, Lillet Blanc, pineapple sage cordial, lime, Velvet Falernum

Coconut washed Poitín, apple juice, Pedro Ximenez, melon liqueur, lime

Bathtub Gin, Pinot Grigio, Créme de Pèche, citrus, soda


Tequila, lime, celery syrup, celery bitters, Irish sea salt, soda

Plymouth Gin, thyme, citrus, agave, beetroot saison

Nettle vodka, Dillisk tincture, fennel, lemon, soda

Jameson Cask Mates IPA, ginger honey, aromatic bitters, lime, topped with Hop House 13

STOP THE LIGHTS - €8 (Non- Alcoholic)
Coconut, lemon, pink grapefruit

GARDEN TONIC - €12 (Non-Alcoholic)
Distilled non-alcoholic spirit, citrus peel, herbal tonic


Havana Club 7 year old, Barry’s tea, port, citrus, clarified milk

Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey, demerara syrup, coffee, double cream, nutmeg


Espresso Martini - €14
Absolut Vodka, Kahlua, double espresso, syrup

Cosmopolitan - €14
Absolut Citron, triple sec, cranberry juice, lime

Amaretto Sour - €14
Luxardo Amaretto, lemon juice, egg white, bitters

Bellini - €14
Peach purée, Vallformosa Rosé Cava

Negroni €14
Monkey 47 Gin, Lillet Rouge, Campari

Old Fashioned - €14
Bourbon, sugar and bitters


Guinness - half pint €3 / pint €5.20

Hop House 13 Lager - half pint €3.25 / pint €5.50

Smithwick’s Red Ale - half pint €3 / pint €5.20

Open Gate - half pint €3.25 / pint €5.50


Stonewell Irish Cider - €7.50

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale - €6.50

Hopfully Brewing Beet Juice Saison - €6.50

Heineken - €5.50

Corona - €5.50

Coors Light - €5.50

Bulmers - €5.80

Peroni Nastro Azzurro - €5.80

Estrella Daura Gluten Free Lager - €5.80


Casa Gheller Prosecco - glass €9.5 / bottle €39
Valdobbiadene, Italy N.V. (11.0% alc. / 75.cl)
Prosecco Spumante from the Docg of Valdobbiadene, the best growing area for this delicious sparkling wine.

Bottega Gold Snipe Prosecco - bottle €13.50
Veneto, Italy N.V. (11.0% alc. / 20.cl)
An elegant presentation of a delicious Spumante that oozes Italian charm.

Perrier - Jouët Brut Champagne - bottle €95
Champagne, France N.V. (12.0% alc. / 75.cl)
Delicate elegant and balanced is the house style for this classic Champagne. Floral and fruity to begin with, giving way to a buttery vanilla finish.


Bottega Rosé Snipe Prosecco - bottle €13.5
Veneto, Italy N.V. (11.0% alc. / 20.cl)
Made from Pinot Noir grapes, This delightful sparkling rosé is packed full of fresh strawberries and vanilla flavours.

Vallformasa Rosé Cava - glass €10.5 / bottle €50
Cataluna, Spain N.V. (12.0% alc. / 75.cl)
Elegant aroma of flowers and fruit, with light toasted notes of ageing.


Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc - small €10.5 / large €14.5 / bottle €40
Marlborough, New Zealand 2017 (13.0% alc. / 75.cl)
Delicate elegant and balanced is the house style for this classic Champagne. Floral and fruity to begin with, giving way to a buttery vanilla finish.

Marquis de Goulaine Sauvignon Blanc - small €7.5 / large €10 / bottle €28
Loire Valley, France 2016 (11.5% alc. / 75.cl)
The Loire valley is a the home of the Sauvignon Blanc grape. The heritage of this grape shines through wonderfully in this vibrant, lively Sauvignon.

Linteo Inzolia - bottle €32
Siciliy, Italy 2016 (12.5% alc. / 75.cl)
Inzolia is an indigenous white grape variety of Siciliy that is both thrilling and trendy. Expect wonderful aromas and flavours of ripe pear with a lively acidity. Great with fish.

Janare Falanghina - bottle €35
Campania, Italy 2016 (13.5% alc. / 75.cl)
Falanghina is an indigenous grape variety of Campania. Also very trendy with a generosity and liveliness on the palate that makes it very versatile with food.

Domaine Schulberger Les Princes Abbés Pinot Blanc - bottle €35
Alsace, France 2016 (12.5% alc. / 75.cl)
A versatile white that is suitable for all occasions, ideal with fish and shellfish. Schumlberger are a family estate established in 1810 and have a peerless reputation.

Kaapzicht Chenin Blanc - bottle €35
Stellenbosch, South Africa 2017 (13.0% alc. / 75.cl)
Dannie Steytler, the wine maker behind this exemplary Chenin Blanc is one of South Africa’s top rated winemakers. All his wines are accomplished, exciting and very moreish.

Ca’Maritta Pinot Grigio - small €7.5 / large €10 / bottle €28
IGT Venezie, Italy 2016 (12.0% alc. / 75.cl)
A mouth-wateringly fresh Pinot Grigio that has layers of attractive honeysuckle aromas and flavours.

Rula Albariño - small €10 / large €14 / bottle €39
Rias Baixas, Spain 2016 (13.0% alc. / 75.cl)
A wonderful Spanish white grape that exudes charm and personality. Expect delicious aromas and flavours of peach and apricot with an exhilarating lime and lemon finish.

Crazy Creatures Grüner Veltliner - bottle €40
Kremstal, Austria 2016 (12.5% alc. / 75.cl)
Grüner Veltliner is Austria’s signature grape known for it’s charm and versatility. This delightful, organic example has attractive pineapple fruit with a spicy finish.

Vins Auvigue Mâcon-Solutré - bottle €52
Mâcconais, France 2016 (13.0% alc. / 75.cl)
Chardonnay is unequivocally back in fashion. This wonderful unoaked example from the Mâcconais in Southern Burgundy is lively, generous and opulent.

Domaine Crochet Sancerre - bottle €52
Loire Valley, France 2016 (12.5% alc. / 75.cl)
This Sancerre is a fantastic expression of cooler climate Sauvignon elegant & crisp with a stony, flinty core depth with good complexity.


El Bucco Montepulciano d’Abruzzo - small €7.5 / large €10 / bottle €28
d’Abruzzo, Italy (13.0% alc. / 75.cl)
An Italian classic. This juicy red is packed with dark cherry aromas and flavours with some attractive spicy notes.

Zenato Bardolino - small €9 / large €12.5 / bottle €35
Veneto, Italy (12.5% alc. / 75.cl)
Made by highly rated Amarone House, Zenato. This vibrant, medium bodied red has attractive notes of cherry and will pair with both white and red meats.

Punto Final MLB Malbec - small €9.5 / large €13.5 / bottle €37
Mendoza, Argentina (13.5% alc. / 75.cl)
A generous, flavoursome Malbec that is packed with ripe blackberry aromas and flavours. The well judged oak gives the wine an appealing richness in texture.

Domaine L’Amauve Le Vin d’Adrien Côtes du Rhone - small €10 / large €14 / bottle €39
Côtes du Rhone, France (14.5% alc. / 75.cl)
Christian Voeux is one of the Southern Rhône’s most highly regarded winemakers. This carefully crafted unoaked red from Séguret is rich and juicy with lots of personality.

Corbelli Negroamaro - bottle €28
Puglia, Italy (13.0% alc. / 75.cl)
Rich spicy and intensely fruity, flavours of dark ripe cherry and wild herbs. This is a full bodied style, made with the local Negroamaro grape.

Château Darzac Bordeaux - bottle €39
Bordeaux Supérieur, France (13.5% alc. / 75.cl)
A delicious, modern style Bordeaux from a great vintage. Merlot dominant it is packed with ripe plum flavours.

Kaapzicht Estate Red Shiraz / Cabernet Sauvignon - bottle €40
Stellenbosch, South Africa (14.5% alc. / 75.cl)
Dannie Steytler, the wine maker behind this red is one of South Africa’s top rated winemakers. This rich red aged in French barriques for 23 months is complex and compelling.

Esporaó Assobio - bottle €40
Douro, Portugal (14.0% alc. / 75.cl)
Made with the traditional Port grapes, Touriga Naccional, Tinto Roriz & Touriga Franca. Full bodied supple and rich. Excellent with red meat or antipasti. bottle

Il Molino di Grace Chianti Classico - bottle €45
Chianti, Italy (13.0% alc. / 75.cl / organic &vegan)
Located in Panzano, the heart of the Classico region, Molino di Grace is a wonderful house producing exemplary Chianti. This 100% Sangiovese has layers of cherry aromas and flavours.

Stoneleigh Rapaura Pinot Noir - bottle €45
Marlborough, New Zealand (75.cl)
A rich and powerful Pinot Noir from Marlborough. This single vineyard red has ripe blackberry and raspberry notes with well integrated toasty oak notes.

Ripassa Zenato - bottle €52
Valpolicella, Italy (14.0% alc. / 75.cl)
Zenato, a highly regarded Amarone house made this ‘little Amarone’ style red. Intense full-bodied it has rich Port-like flavours


La Colombette Grenache Rosé - bottle €30
Pays d’Herault, France 2016 (11.0% alc. / 20.cl)
A vibrant, fruity style Rosé, attractive floral notes and flavours. Light and easy going with a pleasant refreshing character.