The Baths: Nearly there.

No, we’re not coddin’.

The iconic Clontarf Baths is being reimagined and restored after a long, long wait for the proud owners, eager locals and curious Dubliners.

Yes, the pool will be open again so you can grab your togs and towel and jump in. There will be a really, really cool restaurant and bar with a glass wall overlooking the pool and the bay beyond. If you don’t fancy a swim how about a whole roast chicken to feed the family?

Then flop back into an oversized deckchair while your pot of tea is wetting and smile as you recognise that ironic and familiar ultimatum from an exasperated mum outside:

"FERGUS! WALK! If you fall and break both of your legs don’t come running to me."

Ah yes, it’ll be good to be back.